The Twilight Concert and Dessert

  1. Rocky Shively Duet “House with the bell”, Ode to Joy, From a Wigwam, the Juggler, Firefly (duet), Happy Birthday.
  2. Maren Foley Middle C March, Ten second song, Riving in G clef and more
  3. Daniel Leykin No Moon tonight, Forest Drums, Mixed up Song, Grumpy Old Troll, Hedwig’s Theme, Morning
  4. Michael Andrisano From a Wigwam and more songs from the book “Teaching little fingers to play” and “Piano Adventures), Fireflies (?)
  5. Madison Andrisano From a Wigwam, Ode to Joy, Juggler, My Bonnie
  6. Stephanie Arias Mary Ann, From a wigwam, Melody, Morning
  7. Sophie Walter Melody, Alarm clock, Oh Susannah, Happy Birthday to you
  8. Nathan Schluper—Fur Elise, Trepak, Russian folk song about the Birch tree, Oh Susannah, Ukranian Folk Tune, Twinkle Twinkle little star (Mozart)


  1. Maeve Foley Amazing Grace, My Pony, Oh Susannah
  2. Grace Addis Clocks, March of Puppets, Here comes the sun (The Beatles)
  3. Emma Rudd Classic Dance, Melody, Happy Birthday.
  4. Emily Burns
  5. Julius Annis Detective Agency, Queen’s royal entrance, Trepak (Tchaikovsky), Amazing Grace
  6. Henry Annis My Daydream (duet), Trepak, Two Cats and more
  7. Leah Walter Fur Elise (Beethoven), Song of Spring (Jane Metallidi)
  8. Tucker Addis Dance of Fireflies, Mozart’s Symphony #41
  9. Rachel Leykin March, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Old French Song (Tchaikovsky), Duet from the ballet “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky.

Our Piano Recitals in Morristown

July 17, 2013
Home of Rocky and Patty Leitch in Morristown

April 21, 2013
Stuart Weiner’s home on Normandy Parkway in Morristown

April 20, 2013
Stuart Weiner’s home on Normandy Parkway in Morristown

December 18, 2011
Jen Pfahler’s home

August 15, 2011
St.Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown

July 30, 2011
Morristown-Beard school

March 20, 2011
Morristown-Beard school

July 15, 2010
Assumption Church

February 27, 2010
Governor Christie’s mansion in Drumthwacket

July 2009
The home of Robert Deutsch

April 2009
Assumption Church

December 2008
Madison Library

Summer 2008
Home of Robert Deutsch

April 2008
Assumption Church