Important Information For Parents Of Piano Students:

correct postureBENCHES and STOOLS for feet:
Please make sure that your children have a stable piano bench and a stool for their feet if they are not tall enough to reach the floor. Pianist’s feet should not be hanging in the air or stretched all the way under the pedals.  It is important to sit on the edge of the chair.  That way the feet will stand flat on the floor or on the stool, and the weight of the body will go into the keyboard.  If the person sits too far back on the chair, the weight of the body will go into the chair. This incorrect posture will greatly affect the quality of sound and the overall coordination of the body.
anastasia clockMechanical CLOCKS on the piano are highly recommended!
Some children practice better if they are assigned to play each song three times a day (this works for young kids).  However, when they have a clock in front of their eyes, they can set the time for their practice—for example from 5pm to 6pm, and feel  the satisfaction after they have completed this period of time. It is very gratifying to be able to see the visual proof  of how much time they have spent working   At the same time, I stress to each student that regardless of how much time they have been practicing for the lesson, our main concern is the final result.   This means that if they have not achieved the desired result, they must practice even more.  This year I would expect each child to practice from 30 minutes a day up to  one hour, depending on the amount of repertoire.
Nov26,2011 531BINDERS:
Since I bring photocopies of songs selected individually for each student, it is useful to organize them into a binder.  I think that music binders make the relationship between the student and the piano more personal. Many children enjoy decorating their binders.
IMG_0918Please make sure there is enough LIGHT around the piano.  Piano Lamps are popular, but are not an absolute necessity—in fact, they produce a very bright light but only for a limited amount of space, which sometimes is not very convenient.  They also get hot!   So I would recommend a regular big lamp.
As always, I will be bringing photocopies of songs that I would select for each student individually, based on student’s character, temperament, personal taste and a pace of learning. The one-time fee for the photocopies is $5 per student (for the whole year). Also, sometimes I will be sending you music sheets via email. It is efficient to keep the photocopies in the binder.
I applaud my ADULT STUDENTS for finding time to prepare thoroughly for my lessons.  Your love of music means a lot to me.  This might not be a surprise to you, but several studies show that regular piano practice prevents arthritis
Dennis Lord (201) 650-0427 so far has been the best tuner around.
Please print out the practice chart and “Daily Steps” that can be useful for your children.
Daily Steps
Practice Chart
Nathans’ excellent practice chart