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202.72 Actions Revived Pursuant to CPLR 214-g. demand has not been made for such authorizations. Added (b)(3) on May 22 effective August 1, 2017. The Administrative Judge may designate a justice from another local jurisdiction as a Coordinating Justice with the approval of the Administrative Judge thereof. . If a preference is granted, the case shall be placed ahead of all nonpreferred cases pending as of that date, unless the court otherwise orders. Witnesses are to be scheduled so that trials proceed without interruption. The cost of such expert witness shall be paid by a party or parties as the court shall direct. (iii) bringing such special proceeding against the respondent to invalidate the false filing or amendment of such financing statement. Electronic Filing in Supreme Court; Consensual Program. (a) When a judicial hearing officer or referee appointed to hear and report has duly filed his or her report, together with the transcript of testimony taken and all papers and exhibits before him or her in the proceedings, if any, and has duly given notice to each party of the filing of the report, the plaintiff shall move on notice to confirm or reject all or part of the report within 15 days after notice of such filing was given. A County Clerk who maintains documents in hard copy form in a particular matter shall so indicate in the NYSCEF record. (c) In the counties within the City of New York, when a request for judicial intervention is filed, the clerk shall require submission of a copy of the receipt of purchase of the index number provided by the County Clerk, or a written statement of the County Clerk that an index number was purchased in the action. When the tape is filed with the clerk of the court, the clerk shall give an appropriate receipt for the tape and shall provide secure and adequate facilities for the storage of videotape recordings. (1) A special proceeding pursuant to section 19-152.3 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York shall be commenced by a petition in a form prescribed by the Department of Transportation of the City of New York in consultation with the Office of Court Administration. Special proceedings shall be commenced and heard in the same manner as motions that have not yet been assigned to a judge as set forth in section 202.8 of this Part, except that they shall be governed by the time requirements of the CPLR relating to special proceedings. The counsel certifying compliance may rely on the word count of the word-processing system used to prepare the document. 202.20-b Limitations on Depositions. (vi) the scope, extent, order, and form of production; The length of the time slot allotted to each matter is solely in the discretion of the court. Counsel should also be prepared to discuss any motions that have been submitted and are outstanding. Feb. 9, 1987. (2) No fee required. Justices, judicial hearing officers, referees and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) neutrals in 214-g Parts shall receive training in subjects related to sexual assault and the sexual abuse of minors, pursuant to a curriculum and format approved by the Office of Court Administration. (g)Nothing in this rule is intended to: (i) address whether a remote witness is deemed unavailable, within the meaning of CPLR 3117 and its interpretive case law, for the purposes of utilizing that witness deposition at trial; or (ii) alter the Courts authority to compel testimony of non-party witnesses in accordance with New York law. . interpretation for a person of limited English proficiency; (ii) In form, the judgment in such a special proceeding shall substantially conform to the model judgment set forth in Appendix B of this section. (c) The term "referee" in this section shall be used as defined in section 202.43(e) of this Part. Upon termination, the actions shall be remanded to their counties of origin for trial unless the parties to an action consent to trial of that action before the Coordinating Justice. Not later than four business days after receiving such a letter, any affected opposing party or non-party shall submit a responsive letter not exceeding three single-spaced pages. The failure of counsel to appear for a conference may result in a sanction authorized by section 130.2.1 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator or section 202.27, including dismissal, the striking of an answer, an inquest or direction for judgment, or other appropriate sanction. (b) Commencement of Actions Under this Section. Such requests will be granted in the courts discretion for good cause shown; however, nothing contained in this subsection (d) is intended to limit any rights which counsel may otherwise have to participate in court proceedings by appearing in person. Where the latter procedure is followed, the parties shall procure and share equally the cost of a transcript thereof unless the court in its discretion otherwise provides. No adjournment shall be granted on the ground of engagement of counsel except in accordance with Part 125 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts (22 NYCRR Part 125). (1) Exemption of unrepresented litigants. The director shall submit to the court for its consideration such papers as the director may deem appropriate. Added Dec. 29. There shall be a dedicated part(s) of Supreme Court in each Judicial District which shall be assigned all actions revived pursuant to CPLR 214-g (214-g Part). On the stub of each check shall be noted the number, the date, the payee's name and the purpose for which the check is drawn. Rule 12. (c) Filing and Service of Documents After Commencement in Actions Under this Section. (d) If the notice or subpoena to an entity does identify a particular officer, director, member or employee of the entity, but elects to set forth the matters for examination as contemplated in section (b) of this Rule, then: A petition in such a special proceeding shall substantially conform to the model petition set forth in Appendix A of this section and shall allege that: (i) the financing statement referred to in paragraph (3)(i) of this subdivision was falsely filed or amended to retaliate for the performance of the petitioners official duties in his or her capacity as a public employee (or, if the petitioner is an attorney referred to in paragraph (3)(i)(B) of this subdivision, to retaliate for the performance of the petitioners duties in his or her capacity as an attorney for the respondent in a criminal court); and, (ii) such financing statement does not relate to an interest in a consumer-goods transaction, a commercial transaction, or any other actual transaction between the petitioner and the respondent; and, (iii) the collateral covered in the financing statement is the property of the petitioner; and. In any case where the interests of justice will not be promoted by service of such reports and delivery of such authorizations, an order dispensing with either or both may be obtained. In any action in which an attorney or other person is exempt pursuant to this subdivision, all other attorneys, small claims assessment filing agents, unrepresented litigants, proposed intervenors, or others participating in e-filing and seeking relief from the court shall continue to be required to file and serve documents electronically, except that, whenever they serve documents upon a person who is exempt from having to file and serve documents electronically in accordance with this section, they shall serve such documents in hard copy, bearing full signatures, and shall file electronically proof of such service. A filing fee of $25 shall be paid at the time of filing, which may be in the form of a check payable to the County Clerk. Where substitution of counsel occurs after the filing with the court of the net worth statement, a signed copy of the attorney's retainer agreement shall be filed with the court within 10 days of its execution. Amended (b)(2)(ii)-(iv), (d)(1)-(7), (f)(2)(i)-(ii), (g), (h)(1)-(h)(2), (k)(2), (l) on Dec. 15, 2017. (iii) proceedings brought pursuant to article 70 or 78 of the civil practice law and rules; Rule 28. Historical Note (B) Time to File: Supplemental Filing. (d) Filing Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness; Additional Requirements. Failure to comply with this rule may be regarded as a default and dealt with appropriately. If the parties are present in court, the judge personally shall address them at some time during the conference. Personal service of initiating documents upon a party in an action that must be commenced electronically in accordance with this section shall be made as provided in Article 3 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules, or the Real Property Tax Law, or by electronic means if the party served agrees to accept such service. Further, counsel for all parties who appear at the preliminary conference must be sufficiently versed in matters relating to their clients' technological systems to discuss competently all issues relating to electronic discovery: counsel may bring a client representative or outside expert to assist in such e-discovery discussions. Parties shall meet and confer at the outset of the case, and from time to time thereafter, to discuss the scope of the privilege review, the amount of information to be set out in the privilege log, the use of categories to reduce document-by-document logging, whether any categories of information may be excluded from the logging requirement, and any other issues pertinent to privilege review, including the entry of an appropriate non-waiver order. If no demand for a jury trial is made, it shall constitute a waiver by all parties and the action or special proceeding shall be scheduled for nonjury trial. While this rule is intended to streamline the litigation process, it will be ineffectual without the cooperation and participation of litigants. (iii) simplification and limitation of the issues; (iv) the establishment of a timetable for the completion of all disclosure proceedings, provided that all such procedures must be completed and the note of issue filed within six months from the commencement of the conference, unless otherwise shortened or extended by the court depending upon the circumstances of the case; (v) the completion of a preliminary conference order substantially in the form contained in Appendix "G " to these rules, with attachments; and. . Since its inception, the Commercial Division has implemented rules, procedures and forms especially designed to address the unique problems of commercial practice. Box or other alternate addresses associated with the defendant of which the servicer or its attorney is aware shall also be listed. This subdivision shall not apply to a reference to a special referee or a judicial hearing officer or to a reference to a referee in an uncontested matrimonial action. Whenever documents are filed electronically that require the payment of a filing fee, the person who files the documents shall provide therewith, in payment of the fee: (i) such credit card information as shall be required at the NYSCEF site to permit a card to be charged by the County Clerk; or (ii) the form or information required by the County Clerk to permit him or her to debit an account maintained with the County Clerk by an attorney or law firm appearing for a party to the action; or (iii) such information as shall be required at the NYSCEF site to permit an automated clearing house debit to be made; or (iv) any other form of payment authorized by the Chief Administrator. (1) Any party to a tax assessment review proceeding may demand, by application served on all other parties and filed with the court, together with proof of such service, a preliminary conference, or the court on its own motion may direct a preliminary conference. (3) The appraisal reports shall contain a statement of the method of appraisal relied on and the conclusions as to value reached by the expert, together with the facts, figures and calculations by which the conclusions were reached. (a) This section shall govern a special proceeding authorized by subsection (d) of section 9-518 of the Uniform Commercial Code for the redaction or expungement of a falsely-filed or amended financing statement. The purpose of these sample forum-selection provisions is to offer contracting parties streamlined, convenient tools in expressing their consent to confer jurisdiction on the Commercial Division or to proceed in the federal courts in New York State. Usted no puede ser arrestado ni apresado por adeudar dinero. Counsel shall separately identify for the court only a list of the witnesses who may be called solely for rebuttal or with regard to credibility. If a document to be annexed to an affidavit or affirmation is voluminous and only discrete portions are relevant to the motion, counsel shall attach excerpts and submit the full exhibit separately. Other (not itemized above) (specify), Indicate if this action is brought as a class action. The Chief Administrator of the Courts shall promulgate forms to implement this process. Adems, un fallo monetario afecta su crdito y puede afectar su capacidad de alquilar una casa, encontrar trabajo o solicitar un prstamo para comprar un automvil. (d) Result of Preference Being Granted. (2) Except as otherwise provided hereafter, three copies of the petition shall be filed with the County Clerk in the county in which the property is located within 30 days after the final completion and filing of the assessment roll containing the assessment at issue, except that in the City of New York, the petition shall be filed before the 25th day of October following the time when the determination sought to be reviewed was made. shall post prominently in the public areas of his or her office notice that filing of papers in order to commence an action or special proceeding must be with the county clerk. Any party who fails to serve an appraisal report as required by this section shall be precluded from offering any expert testimony on value; provided, however, upon the application of any party on such notice as the court shall direct, the court may, upon good cause shown, relieve a party of a default in the service of a report, extend the time for exchanging reports, or allow an amended or supplemental report to be served upon such conditions as the court may direct. . (g) Inadvertent or unintentional production of ESI or documents containing information that is subject to the attorney-client privilege, work product protection, or other generally recognized privilege shall not be deemed a waiver in whole or in part of such privilege if the producing party (i) took reasonable precautions to prevent disclosure, and (ii) after learning of the inadvertent disclosure, promptly gave notice either in writing, or later confirmed in writing, to the receiving party or parties that such information was inadvertently produced and requests that the receiving party or parties return or destroy the produced ESI. Counsel shall select designated alternates in the same manner set forth in these rules, but with an initial Panel of not more than 10 prospective alternates unless otherwise directed by the court. (b) Categorical Approach or Document-By-Document Review. In advance of an immediate trial or evidentiary hearing, the parties may request, if necessary, that the court direct limited expedited discovery targeting the factual issue to be tried. (10) The court may order notice to creditors by publication to present their claims as provided in section 5 of the Debtor and Creditor Law. (b) Parts of Court. (1) Except as otherwise provided by rule or law or court order, and whether or not a sealing order is or has been sought, prior to submitting any decision, order, judgment, or combined decision and order or judgment in a matrimonial action for publication, the court shall redact the following confidential personal information: i. the taxpayer identification number of an individual or an entity, including a social security number, an employer identification number, and an individual taxpayer identification number, except the last four digits thereof; ii. Section 202.51 Proof required in dissolution proceedings. Section 202.26 Settlement and Pretrial Conferences. Adjournment of a conference will not change any subsequent date in the preliminary conference order, unless otherwise directed by the court. (i) identification of potentially relevant types or categories of ESI and the relevant time frame; 2. Nor shall the rule apply to motions to be relieved as counsel, for pro hac vice admission, for reargument or in limine. The certification shall be signed by the Responsible Attorney, as defined below, or by the party, through an authorized and knowledgeable representative. A term of court is a four-week session of court, and there shall be 13 terms of court in a year, unless otherwise provided in the annual schedule of terms established by the Chief Administrator of the Courts, which also shall specify the dates of such terms. _________, Contract Order of Reference & Default Judgment 202.60 Tax assessment review proceedings in counties within the NYC Affidavits shall be for a statement of the relevant facts, and briefs shall be for a statement of the relevant law. (c) Every brief, memorandum, affirmation, and affidavit which was prepared by use of a computer shall include on a page attached to the end of the applicable document, a certification by the counsel who has filed the document setting forth the number of words in the document and certifying that the document complies with the word count limit. (c) Additional rules. (8) If counsel objects to anything said or done by any other counsel during the selection process, the objecting counsel shall unobtrusively request that all counsel step outside of the juror's presence, and counsel shall make a determined effort to resolve the problem. Hon. (e) Applications for approval of an infant's or incapacitated person's compromise shall be made returnable before the judge who presided over the compromise or, where the agreement was reached out-of-court, before the appropriate assigned judge. Jury trial of less than all issues; procedure. Section 202.63 Assignment for benefit of creditors. Rule 8. The court may allow any such admission to be amended or withdrawn on such terms as may be just. WebAll matters before Part 48 are governed by the Rules of the Commercial Division, 22 NYCRR 202.70, except as supplemented, modified, and/or superseded by the Part 48 Procedures (b) Special Requirements in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Action. (6) In making sales at auction of personal property, the assignee shall give at least 10 days' notice of the time and place of sale and of the Articles to be sold, by advertisement in one or more newspapers. The following procedure shall apply in those parts of the Commercial Division where the justice presiding so elects: (a) For all commercial cases that warrant the entry of a confidentiality order, the parties shall submit to the Court for signature the proposed stipulation and order that appears in Appendix B to these Rules of the Commercial Division. Sec. (3) prior to the conclusion of the conference, the parties shall prepare an outline of the material terms of any resolution and shall thereafter agree upon and jointly submit to the court within one (1) business day of the conference a stipulated proposed order, memorializing the resolution of their discovery dispute. Notice of the preliminary conference date will be sent by the court at least five days prior thereto. A challenge for cause may be made by counsel to any party as soon as the reason therefor becomes apparent. (c) Since the court is setting aside a specific time or time interval for the case and since there are occasions when the courts electronic or other notification system fails or occasions when a party fails to receive the court-generated notification, each attorney who receives notification of an appearance on a specific date and time is responsible for notifying all other parties by e-mail that the matter is scheduled to be heard on that assigned date and time. (f) Reinstatement of Note of Issue. (5) Technical data, such as recording speeds and other information needed to replay or copy the tape, shall be included on copies of the videotaped deposition.

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