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Dear Students and Parents,

I am happy to begin this new year of piano with you.  Please read the important information below:


Piano lessons are a commitment. Please choose a convenient time and day for the lesson, which would not interfere with your child’s other activities.  Regularity is a very important factor in learning to play an instrument well.

–Lessons that are missed due to an illness may be made up.

–If you decide to cancel a lesson, please let me know few days in advance. A late cancellation, unless it is an emergency, breaks a tight schedule of lessons and is disrespectful to the teacher.   In case if the student misses a lesson without a 24 hour notice, the payment will not be refunded or credited towards the next month lessons.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  In my turn, as always, I will do my best to make sure that your child remains interested, motivated and inspired.



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